5th Odessa Biennale
of Contemporary Art

August 26 till September 30, 2017

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Check out the site from our Biennale held in 2015.


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Half a century later after “Future Shock” by Alvin Toffler outstanding sales manages discovered that we turned out in turbulent flow of  V.U.C.A., volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Read more
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Dear friends! We have selected around 100 artists out of 500 applications. The exact list of participants will be announced on August the 1st.  Thanks to all who participated.
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Open Call

Odessa Biennale of contemporary art which will be held in Odessa (Ukraine), from August 26 till September 30, 2017 invites you to take part in the main event of Biennale — project “Turbulence Area”. Read more
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Дорогие коллеги, приглашаем вас на пресс-конференцию о ходе подготовки 5-й Одесской биеннале современного искусства.Копировать-681x395.jpg

Одесская биеннале-2017: «Зона турбулентности» и полтысячи художников со всего мира

Meet the Team

About Us

The Museum of Odessa Modern Art, the first museum of modern & contemporary art in Ukraine, was founded on April 10, 2008.
The Museum sets a goal to preserve artefacts of Odessa non-official art from the last decades of the Soviet power as well as new Odessa art during its origin and development stages in modern Ukraine.
To establish the museum fund there was acquired a collection by artists of the “second wave of Odessa avant-garde” of the 1970s.
The museum fund’s sections continue to expand with works dedicated to the main trends and movements in Odessa art of recent decades: conceptualism and transavantgarde art of the 1980s, neo-conceptual art of the 1990s, and the newest art of the 2000s – 2010s. The section dedicated to nonconformist art of the 1960s – 1970s has been expanding with representative exhibits as well.
Apart from the permanent exposition, the Museum undertakes various projects (exhibition, research and education, etc.) to develop and raise awareness of modern and contemporary art in the region and introduce Odessa art to the All-Ukrainian and international art world.
The Museum is the initiator and organizer of the Odessa Biennale of Contemporary Art (with the active involvement of non-resident and foreign participants since 2013).



Born 1954 in Odessa, Ukraine. Art-historian, art-critic, curator. Graduated from Odessa State University (1978); Institute of Painting, Sculpture & Architecture, St. Petersburg, RF (1992). Director of the Soros CCA – Odessa (1996-2000). Since 2002 – curator of Odessa Museum of the History of Jews. Curator/co-curator of a number of contemporary art exhibitions and projects, including International Festival “Free Zone” (Odessa Art museum, 1994); “Kandinsky Syndrome” (Odessa Museum of History & Local Lore, 1995); “Unnatural Selection” (Center of Ukrainian Culture, Odessa, 1997); “Self-government: Cultural Evolution vs. Revolution”, (III Odessa Biennale MoOMA, Odessa Art Museum, 2013); “Manifesto“ (IV Odessa Biennale, MoOMA, Odessa Museum of the West and East Art , 2015).
Lives and works in Odessa, Ukraine.



Born 1952 in Odessa, Ukraine. Graduated from Odessa Polytechnic Institute in 1974, finished graduate school of Moscow Institute of Steel & Alloys in 1985. PhD in engineering. In 1977-1998 – the Head of Department in the Scientific Research Institute of Foundry. The Board Chairman of Odessa public organization “Center for Development” (since 2012). Director of Museum of Odessa Modern Art (since 2008). Organizer of a lot of the museum projects including “Self-government: Cultural Evolution vs. Revolution”, (III Odessa Biennale, MoOMA, Odessa Art Museum, 2013); “Manifesto“ (IV Odessa Biennale, MoOMA, Odessa Museum of the West and East Art, 2015); “Enfant Terrible. Odessa conceptualism“, National Art Museum of Ukraine, MoOMA, 2015).
Lives and works in Odessa, Ukraine.

5th Odessa Biennale is held with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation

Main venue



Ukraine, 65014, Odessa, Belinskogo str.5


+38 (048) 777 12 50


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